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Have a problem? Get the help you need from your WebSharper experts.

Need quick professional help with your project?

We have you covered! Our experienced WebSharper support team is available to help you make the right decisions for your development project, and can save you hundreds of hours when important and difficult questions arise.

Support Plans


Email and web support

2-day response time

10 hour support time

$2,500 / year


Email and web support

2-day response time

2 days mentoring and training

25 hours support time

Support time covers extensions

10 hours architectural review

2 priority bugfixes

$10,000 / year


Email, web and Skype support

4-hour response time

5 days mentoring and training

100 hours support time

Support time covers extensions

20 hours architectural review

10 priority bugfixes

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Email and web support

You can email us your support queries, architectural or best practice questions, or post them to our dedicated support site. You will receive an email when issues are resolved or comments/answers are added.

Fast response time

You will receive the first response to your queries from within 4 hours up to 2 days, depending on your selected support plan.

Mentoring and training

Choose a Start-up or Enterprise plan and jumpstart your team's productivity with our online WebSharper training and mentoring.

Extensions support

Working heavily with WebSharper extensions? Get the help you need with any issues you encounter in these extensions.

Architectural review

Next to support questions, we can also help you decide on the best architecture for your project, or give best practice guidelines for your team.

Priority bugfixes

Your support ticket jumps to the front of our priority queue and becomes the first to fix. Get the most timely help when you need it most.

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